There the common interest connects and expands the social environment.

There the common interest connects and expands the social environment.

Parents should also take this into account when providing support. Finding friends also requires children to behave socially when dealing with other children. Acting too dominantly is just as harmful as aggressive or completely reserved behavior. Rules have to be accepted and followed. New friendships can be established well in clubs. There the common interest connects and expands the social environment. A friend who lives far away is of little use, as it is difficult for children to make an appointment. That is why it is advisable to visit clubs that are in the area of ​​the apartment.

Find friends – that’s sure to succeed

Before friendships develop, it takes time to get a taste of each other. With the little ones this is much faster and less self-conscious than with adults. But friendships are forgotten just as quickly. The playground offers plenty of opportunities when it’s close by. There are usually the same children every day and friendships usually grow automatically. However, so that children are included in the playground association, they should be there as often and regularly as possible. Every now and then, giving something sweet outside makes it easier for children to make contacts. This should only be done from time to time, so that no friendships arise that are based on exploitation.

Working parents are not credited with any days off if they had to look after their sick child on vacation. The vacation is then still considered taken and the entitlement expires. This results from a judgment of the labor court in Berlin, to which the labor lawyers of the German Bar Association (DAV) point out.

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No vacation credit despite sick child

In that case, a saleswoman took six days off. During this time, her underage child fell ill and had to be looked after by her. She later asked her employer to credit her days off because of her child’s illness to her vacation account. But he refused, whereupon she complained.

Employees bear the risk

The judges agreed with the employer. Taking care of the sick child on vacation does not change the fact that the vacation days are considered taken. Thus, the claim is satisfied. Only if the employee fell ill while on vacation did the vacation days not expire. In general, however, the employee carries the risk that unexpected events will disrupt his vacation.

You know chaos in a family that tries to somehow reconcile job, upbringing, school and family life. It never works perfectly. But there are days when nothing goes as it should. Everything that goes wrong also triggers chain reactions. You’d like to put your head under the covers and wait for the raging waves to smooth out. But the family and the job usually don’t allow that. You have to get up, develop a brilliant idea, forge new plans, reorganize. It is not for nothing that many mothers say with a smile: "I run a small family business". Humor, improvisation and organizational skills are among the key qualifications.

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Keep your nerve and improvise

"That was the last clean blazer – what a bummer! Did you really have to do your tummy now?" And that before the important presentation with the new customer, you should first change in the office. "Now the phone too !!" Just where is it? Those were the days when the telephones had a cord that you just had to follow … Of course, in the nursery, the Lego box rings. No sooner has it been dug out, accompanied by shouts of protest – "Mama, that was a castle …" – stops the bell. Call number withheld. – Was that the nanny? Recall hit. A croaking voice explains that she is sick and cannot look after children today. This is actually the first time in two years, but today it almost marks the end of the world. New idea: call the mother of the other child. It’s good that the tech-savvy partner saved all the important numbers one evening. "Yes, I can get your Lena today, but by no means tomorrow – could you maybe take both? Saved, at least for now. Next problem: outfit. Praise be to him "Boyfriend style" And the hope that the business customer also knows this style: so get on with it "his" Closet, into your jacket, roll up your sleeves, put a towel over the coffee stain, take a deep breath and go.

Anything can go wrong

The list of what can go wrong is almost endless: Mom has to go to work and the baby spits on the last clean shirt when they say goodbye, the kindergarten calls during the meeting and requests that the child be picked up immediately because of lice infestation, the boys have to go The football tournament and the acquaintance she wanted to bring is temporarily prevented, you are three kilometers away from home and the axle of the pram breaks, the children spill a liter of milk in the freshly mopped kitchen in such a way that it runs into all drawers or a red stocking gets lost in the white linen and transforms the underpants of the male family workforce into something that cannot be worn … But there are numerous ways to get the best out of most situations. For example, you’ve been looking forward to going to the theater for weeks, you’ve dressed up and the babysitter cancels at the last second. Now you have two alternatives: Either you put your sweatpants in a bad mood and frustrated and sit in front of the TV or you order sushi, open a good bottle of wine, light a few candles, give away the cards to the nice, spontaneous and Especially childless couples from next door and still enjoy the evening with their partner. And next time you organize a grandma in addition to the babysitter, who can step in if necessary.

New situations create scope

Ultimately, it’s always about making the best of a situation. And to accept what cannot be changed. Or new negotiating positions open up: if the boss had always spoken out against home office days, he may now prefer that to a lice invasion or measles, mumps, gastrointestinal viruses and the like in the office. Because the children often have to stay at home, but they can also be busy for a while. So you could well work a bit, but at home if the nature of the job allows it. Maybe a colleague will be happy to swap shifts.

See positively

For example, if you have one of the notorious lice removal days, after your work is done you can look forward to the fact that corners of the house that have been waiting for a dust rag for a long time are clean again and that you have had plenty of time to listen while looking for nits without putting up shopping lists or baking cakes on the side. Even if important kitchen and household appliances give up their ghost, you have two options: get excited or see it positively. Or if the car breaks down, then life slows down by itself for a few days. For some "Backseat kids" trams, buses or bicycles as transport to school and daycare can be a real adventure.

Take Mary Poppins as an example

A spoonful of sugar and what is bitter becomes sweet. "There are days when the worm is in there!" says Sabine Bohlmann, author of the book of the same name, which has numerous suggestions on how one can simplify everyday life with its small and large adversities for oneself and one’s family. “I just try to solve stuck situations a little differently.” Those who act according to this principle make life easier for themselves and their families. Because in family life there are a lot of situations that can be endured a lot easier with humor and understanding. All it takes is a little imagination and a positive attitude. “Well, first of all, you not only sweeten life for the children, but also for yourself a little at the same time. Because I usually have the choice between a serious argument (…) or a variant in which I also benefit from the fun of my children and with which I reach my goal without hassle. Second, I am of the opinion that in this way the children can learn for their later life to sweeten unpleasant things, not to take everything so seriously and perhaps even to amaze their own boss with humor. “

Delegate and move

But there are also situations in which it is no longer possible to take the matter with humor. In which one is in a quandary, from which there is no satisfactory way out. For example, when an extremely important meeting is coming up, the partner is on a business trip and the grandma is on vacation and the child vomits that morning of all times. The only thing that helps is to accept the situation as it is and to calmly consider who could step in for a few hours. And if you can’t find anyone in a hurry, then even if it’s difficult to set personal priorities and postpone or delegate the meeting. Here it helps to pause for a moment and thus slow down the stress. In such a situation you can and should be loud "Damn it" or the like slip out. Children forgive something like that, after all, parents are not perfect either. And shouldn’t be.

Mathematics is one of the subjects that divide classes into flash memory and desperate. For students who have lost the thread at some point, the gaps get bigger and the grades get worse and worse. Is it the teaching concept? How can teachers inspire weak students in math class? A math teacher explains in an interview how this can be done.

It is Andreas Pallack’s concern to promote the learning of mathematics. He is director of studies at the Aldegrever-Gymnasium in Soest and is involved in teacher training at the center for practical teacher training in Hamm and the University of Bielefeld. He is currently developing the new textbook concept in cooperation with Cornelsen Verlag "Foundations of Mathematics" for high school.

Question: When you think back to your time as a young teacher – what concern of math lessons have you received?

Pallack: For me, it’s a fascination for the subject. I love math and decided to study because I want to teach math. The exciting thing about school is that you can convey this fascination. It is possible to actually motivate students with examples or questions to think about mathematics and to develop a little bit themselves.

Question: How does an optimal math lesson go for you?

Pallack: To sum it up in one word: exciting! An optimal lesson starts with a topic that interests the students, what they are passionate about and for which they are interested in a solution. The subject carries the learners through the lesson. Of course, this also means that something mathematically sticks in the end.

Question: What are the challenges facing the grammar school in general and math classes in particular?

Pallack: If you look at the grammar school and the development of the school environment, it is already the case that we now find a higher degree of heterogeneity among the students than a few years ago.