The relevant decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The relevant decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Despite long-standing slogans, appeals, programs, and even regulations, authoritarianism continues to dominate the education system from the top to the bottom. Starting with the little things and ending with the essential things.

In my opinion, authoritarianism is one of the most powerful remnants of the scoop in the educational system of the state, which becomes a threat not only to the implementation of conceptual ideas of NUS, but also to the existence of the educational system in general.

And although I am not a big supporter of foreign borrowing, but I must say that in other countries have long found an effective method of combating authoritarianism in educational institutions. This is the functioning of boards of trustees.

By the way, if we talk about experience, the effective work of boards of trustees is our own pre-revolutionary experience in managing educational institutions, which was successfully destroyed by the "classics" of Soviet pedagogy, whose "creativity" is still studied in pedagogical universities …

But I want to note at once that I am not talking about moronic and infantile boards of trustees that operate in some educational institutions. Why "stupid-infantile"? Yes, because in accordance with current regulations, they are created as a subsidiary body of the head of the educational institution, the main purpose of which is to attract additional funds to the educational institution.

Why "in some"? Yes, because they exist, at best, on paper or do not work at all. As one school principal wrote to me: “Thank God, we somehow exist without a board of trustees. And in the regulations it is stated that the "board of trustees" can only "be created" …

So, I’m talking about a TRUE Board of Trustees, which will actually manage the educational institution and its head, not its head. I am talking about the board of trustees, which will appoint the director, set his salary, the amount of which will depend on the success of the institution and the results of its work, control the receipt and use of funds, invite the best teachers , etc., etc.

I am for a board of trustees, which a negligent director or rector will attend, fearing the possibility of continuing his work; which will consist of people who are not dependent on the educational institution that this board will take care of; which will protect and defend the interests of the institution in any instance; which will defend the interests of the community to whose members this institution provides educational services.

I am in favor of such boards of trustees, membership in which will show the special respect of society for those people who voluntarily and gratuitously put on their shoulders the care and control over the activities of a kindergarten, school, vocational school or university. It will be REAL, not operetta public administration of the educational institution. Which in our state after 1917 never was. And, looking at the draft of the new law "On Education", it will not be.

Authoritarianism will continue to rule the ball. This is clearly seen in the example of the adoption and implementation of the Law on Higher Education, in the first stages of which I proposed to give the boards of trustees of universities all the functions I wrote about above. Then the rectors did their best to ensure that the boards of trustees at the universities remained a fig leaf, which should cover the "shame and disgrace" of the current system of governing them.

We see what happened. This has been the case in the systems of general secondary, preschool and vocational education for a long time. I’m afraid forever … Because, first of all, the Ministry of Education and Science is not interested in anything else. After all, when the REAL board of trustees will function, the whims of the Ministry of Education and Science such as "holding a community work day" will not be fulfilled.

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Ukraine has not yet developed a system of educational indicators to assess the quality of educational activities of schools

Igor Likarchuk: the lack of indicators produces arbitrariness

Author: Igor Likarchuk, former head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

The DUP: School group has been operating for less than a week, but reading the posts and comments of its members, you involuntarily come to a very unfortunate conclusion: the system of general secondary education in Ukraine operates without proper legal support.

Just a few examples. Thus, today there is no legal act approving the qualification characteristics (positions) of teachers.

The lack of such characteristics leads to terrible arbitrariness on the ground, when teachers are required to perform duties that are not inherent in pedagogical activities, and the heads of educational institutions continue to lead the teaching staff on the basis of authoritarianism and voluntarism.

Secondary schools operate on the basis of the State Sanitary Norms and Rules approved by the Resolution of the State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine in 2001 and include a number of provisions that actually contradict the current legislation.

In particular, it is a permit for the exploitation of child labor in schools (!). Interestingly, this resolution cannot be found in the database of current regulations. This calls into question its legitimacy in general. But it is in the electronic database of the Ministry of Education and Science and on the websites of educational institutions. Apparently to justify forced child labor in some of them.

There is no modern Instruction on record keeping in schools in the system of general secondary education approved in accordance with the established procedure. People became entangled in the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science, which repealed or restored the effect of such instructions on record keeping, which were issued in previous years.

As a result, most institutions use the Instruction 2000 (!) Of the year of publication, which contains the force of the requirements of the Soviet-Soviet period of operation of educational institutions. The last time this instruction was restored was in 2013 by order of the then Minister of Education and Science D. Tabachnyk.

Due to the lack of established requirements and common sense, the heads of educational institutions require teachers to create and fill a huge variety of documents that prevent teachers from working properly, create excessive organization and bureaucracy, cause additional financial costs.

And look at the current "Standard rules of internal labor regulations for employees of state educational institutions of Ukraine", approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 455 of 20.12.1993 (as amended by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 73 of April 10, 2000).

To say that this document contains anachronisms of the Stalin-Brezhnev period of school life is to say nothing. But on its basis, schools have developed Rules of Procedure, which resemble acts of enslavement of teachers and students, rather than documents governing the activities of a modern educational institution.

To date, Ukraine has not developed a system of educational indicators on the basis of which it would be possible to assess the quality of educational activities of general secondary education institutions. The absence of such a system creates interest mania and rating mania, which not only significantly bureaucratizes the functioning of educational institutions, but also misinforms society and the pedagogical community, the expert environment in assessing the functioning of the educational system, creates a serious basis for corruption directly in educational institutions.

Unfortunately, this is only a short list of problems caused by the lack of a modern legal framework for the functioning of general secondary education. In fact, it is much broader.

It is unfortunate that they do not see or do not want to see him in the Ministry of Education and Science, which has made every effort to reform the content of education, not wanting to deal with more mundane, not very pompous for PR, difficult to solve problems of daily functioning of educational institutions. Forgetting at the same time the basic rule of life: if you fill the rusted and crushed car with the latest fuel, it will not be better to go …

And how not to mention a new textbook on modern literature for primary school, which has a catchphrase about rats who rat … So in the Ministry of Education and Science: officials have been officials for years, and no sense in that officials .. . And now, they say, they also raised the salary …

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While at the top they talk about reforms, on the ground the real life of schools is provided by parents

Igor Likarchuk: reforms do not start with the color of ink

Author: Igor Likarchuk, former head of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

I watched "1 + 1" "Secret Materials" – a program about parental contributions in Kyiv schools … I will not evaluate the plot, directing and cinematography. They really only touched the tip of the iceberg: yes, for the average person.

The only phrase the commentator said at the end of the film touched on the truth. While the top officials are talking about reforms, she said, the real life of schools on the ground is provided by parents.

I would like to add: school principals and teachers are hostages to the situation. It’s a shame. Terribly annoying. Because again a swan, a cancer and a pike.

School reform should begin with a change in the owner’s attitude toward the institution, not with a change in the programs or color of the ink for grading.

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It is planned that the main task of the service will not be punishment, but to help schools

Education quality service launched in Ukraine

The State Service for Education Quality will have its own representative office in each region and in Kyiv. The relevant decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich, the main task of the created structure will not be to punish the guilty, but to help the institution, management, teachers to improve the quality of their activities and the quality of student learning outcomes.

"The State Education Quality Service and its territorial bodies will, first of all, provide recommendations on the organization of the internal education quality assurance system, conduct an institutional audit, approve school curricula based on the results of the examination and actively participate in the certification of teachers, "the minister said.