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Babbel offers a software program and apps that feature bite-sized lessons so you can learn at your own pace. The company offers programs in 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish. Pricing starts at $6.95 per month if you commit to an annual plan. Perhaps the most popular language software program available, Rosetta Stone offers language learning solutions specifically for businesses. It includes speech recognition, reporting, mobile apps and even a live tutoring option. You can request custom pricing for your organization on the company’s website. Finding the right language learning software is hard for two reasons.

  • When you encounter this problem, then the memory leak may have caused it to happen.
  • When your Windows 10 PC runs low on RAM, then the memory leak may not entirely be the case of the error.
  • Check your PC and see if an expert technician can do it for you.
  • Usually, the way to fix the memory leak is to add more RAM.

Before we present the best language learning software and apps, let’s first discuss the importance of learning a foreign language. Moreover, we will provide you with some tips to truly get the most out of your language lessons. There’s no use in learning hundreds or even thousands of words if they are learned outside of context and without any structure to compose sentences with. In fact, this was an issue we faced during our own testing of language learning software. One of our two participants for Russian was using a program that turned out to be more of a vocabulary builder with grammar notes than anything else. Hence, we had to drop that program and use another one that did employ a holistic approach. Textbooks are still widely used—particularly in classroom settings—and are a key component of many language curriculums.

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First, as it’s become increasingly popular, more and more language apps have crowded Apple and Google’s online stores. Second, even if you find the type of software you are looking for, its teaching methodology might not match your learning needs. Pimsleur Premium excels in delivering a platform that is well suited for the everyday individual. Unlike other software on this list, the Pimsleur courses were designed with a conversational methodology in mind. Lessons are audio-focused and typically no longer than half an hour long; users are encouraged to learn on the road, while on the subway, or during work breaks. Courses can be launched through the software’s phone app or its website. In addition to its core audio lessons, Pimsleur also incorporates flash card exercises, reading lessons, and other supplementary material that is accessible online.

The software also goes to lengths to explain grammar or break down the meaning of a word, which not all software is able to do. There are also loads of content to keep you occupied for a long time.

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However, their validity is being increasingly questioned by the language learning community, with some calling them outdated or simply a waste of time. Classroom settings are themselves waning in popularity, with sharp decreases in enrollment to foreign language programs in American schools and colleges. Instead, language learning today is increasingly becoming married to digital technology in the way of online software and mobile applications. We chose to focus on holistic, course-based software for two reasons. First, because comparing programs that are meant to be supplementary language-learning tools to those that are truly comprehensive courses would be akin to comparing apples to oranges.

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Pimsleur offers courses in over 40 different languages, starting at $19.99/ month. Rosetta Stone uses a variety of learning methods to enhance users’ learning process. The courses are divided into five levels that each has varying content, depending on the material. Some of the content includes voice recognition software, online coaches, mobile apps, CDs, online group and solo games, and digital downloads. The program comes equipped with a headset and microphone to help users learn more efficiently.

Most of the lessons are pre-recorded videos of a language instructor. The videos teach vocabulary, grammar, among other things.


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