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13 Considerations When Choosing Automated Test Equipment

Hence, if the measurement bandwidth is decreased, then the signal-to-noise ratio is increased . The downside is that if these gaps are too large, sharp resonances or other narrow-band phenomena may not be seen. One example encountered involved a pre-test check on an open area test site that threw up a rippled response similar to that shown in Figure 3. After checking the cables and connectors for water ingress but finding nothing untoward, it was noticed that the ripples were much less noticeable on the vertically polarized test scan.

Sweeping Test Signals

The advantage of this platform is that all connected instruments behave as one tightly integrated multi-channel system, so users can scale their test system to fit their required channel counts cost-effectively. PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation, , is a peripheral bus specialized for data acquisition and real-time control systems.

Once discovered, you’re asked a few questions about how you want to set the device up and, boom, you’re done. Network monitoring is immediate and you can begin managing the many devices on your network, as well as handle the types of traffic you’re going to allow and what you aren’t. This should be the way it goes for almost anyone who uses a Firewalla device, but my experience, due to the specifics of my network, wasn’t exactly that. Cost is another key consideration, as no business wants to spend too much money on any one IT network component.

Time Dependency Of Pim Sources

For computers, the description of the fault condition along with know ledge of the service history may be enough to lead to a test of the line that is at fault. The considerable advantage of using logic probes is that they do not interfere with the circuit, are very unlikely to cause problems by their use, and are simple to use. Some 90% of microprocessor system faults are detect able by the use of logic probes, and they should always be the first hardware diagnostic tool that is brought into action against a troublesome circuit. Digital multimeters generally have much less effect on the circuit being measured. Most of them have a constant input resistance of about 10 M or more, and few circuits will be greatly affected by having such a meter connected into them. The operating principle is that the input voltage is applied to a high-resistance potential divider which feeds a comparator.

Power Levels

It is important to note that, when measuring a comb signal, the analyzer step size and start/end frequency must be set to include the relevant harmonic peaks. However, the continuous-wave nature of the individual pickets in the signal allows both the frequency and amplitude accuracy of the test equipment to be verified, which cannot be achieved using noise. A high-quality test fixture can provide a method of quick connect/disconnect of UUT supply voltage, test signal stimulus, and measurement access points. It may include blind mate connectors, pogo pin interfaces, rapid clamping devices, and possibly even a thermal cycling platform for UUTs that require thermal test.


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