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I have had several cars with built in Sat Nav, including a previous Avensis TR. We have ran this past our technical team again for you and unfortunately this is not compatible due to the car having different specifications. Hope this helps and if you have any further questions please let us know. Just an update, following on from my now-vanished reply at about 1415. I amended the way I dragged the unzipped file to the stick drive. Opened the unzipped folder, selected all files and copied to the open D drive. Inserting into the vehicle, seems to start the update process which is ongoing.

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Reading through the other posts, it seems I’m not alone in failing to update my maps using a USB stick. We have taken note of your email and someone from customer relations will be in touch!

  • Most software can be set to prompt users to install updates, so you just need to remind your employees to take action when an update is available.
  • The main benefit of this is that you can be confident you’re installing updates in good time, because the process is centralised and you are in control.
  • If you only have a few staff members, this may be a good option.
  • And keep in mind that, sometimes, applying updates can be complicated.

Local dealer replaced hardware and reinstall software without any additional cost. We’re so sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems and we would have to advise staying in contact with your local Toyota dealer in order to solve this issue. During updating nav system power was interrupted and process failed. I could not restart process therefore I asked dealer to perform update. Unfortunately they are not able to recover system and informed me that I need to buy new hardware.

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We’re sorry to hear you are having issues and we have taken note of your email address and have passed it on to our My Toyota team. Someone will be in touch with you next week regarding your issue. My navigation system is finally updated; thanks to information from elsewhere on the internet with lots of trial and error. Come on Toyota, you really need to fill in the gaps in the instructions as they only make sense with hindsight. We’ve spoken with our technical team to resolve your issue. The technical department have suggested (if you haven’t already) report the issues to

Running the same process on a virtual W10 resulted in successful installation. Exactly the problem I encountered while using a Mac top download and unzip. – Previously we had unzipped the 4GB update package on the Mac and copied the files across to the USB. – They recommended we download the package, re-format the USB as FAT32 and try again. – They asked us for the file listing from our USB stick and screenshots of the in-car screen during the failed install process.

I haven’t been to the dealer as it is some distance away and it is inconvenient given my busy life. Also I would have thought that, as we have access to My Toyota and its upgrading system, this would be the route to follow. I love my new Prius but I feel let down by seemingly poor software. I expect a solid, reliable and easy to use software support system and not one where I have to trail off to the dealer. I was wondering how much it would cost to have this system installed. I have to say that this “system” is an unmitigated disaster and most of the comments confirm this. I fail to see why at each service when the car is Toyota GB don’t do this if it is so simple.

If you run a utility such as Cocktail and look under files there is a function to remove these hidden files. Computer will complain but will not have had a chance to rewrite the .DS file onto stick. You should then be able to update system/maps on Touch & Go.

You will be able to submit a change, Navteq will then drive the route and plan it for a future update. However, it takes 18 months to plot/plan and roads are done on a priority basis. If you do log your issue, once something is fixed/mapped you will get a notification which means it will be on an update soon. I would appreciate some help here as visiting my dealer is very inconvenient.

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Apparently the system is 4.5.0H, but then the message changed to “Software Update” “please wait” so I’ve left the stick drive in situ to see whether this works. The USB stick needs to be FAT 32 formatted, with a capacity of 8 GB or greater. To check if this is the case, or to get more details, insert the USB stick into you PC / laptop and right-click on the USB icon. From the information you have provided, it appears that you are doing everything right. The problem on a Mac is that it writes “hidden” files .DS_Store on all disks/USB sticks when it accesses it and which stores a copy of of directory structure and folders to aid fast searches.

In rare cases, your navigation device may not start correctly or may stop responding. If your map download was interrupted you can resume downloading by clicking the link below and following the simple steps. I want to update my map and I already have a subscription for it. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. We have run your query past our technical team and your model of phone is not compatible with our current system. Unfortunately we do not have any news at present as to when an upgrade will be available. Sorry that we cannot be more positive in our reply at the moment and should anything change we will be sure to post the news on our blog.