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Lebanon Economic Monitor, Spring 2021

The attachment, which can be installed in any existing toilet, takes images inside the pipes, triggered by a flush. These images are then analyzed using AI, and the data stored in a digital health application. Additional research is being conducted for ‘Smart Toilet’ to provide a chemical breakdown of stool, allowing for quantitative results. This chemical analysis would enable early detection of disease without a patient having to leave their home. Duke University’s Center for Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Infectious Disease (WaSH-AID) has come up with a solution. ‘Smart Toilet’ utilizes artificial intelligence to track bowel health and report data, which aids gastroenterologists in creating and modifying treatment plans.

  • In fact, only the best monitors can do the best PCs, fitted with the best processors and best graphics cards, justice.
  • The C27F398’s color covers 97% of the sRGB color gamut and is accurate for the price, though it falls far short of the best monitor, Dell’s S2721QS.
  • Everyone from frontline heroes to home office workers need speed, flexible connectivity options and always-on reliability to handle demanding tasks, intense graphics and complex workflows with large files and applications.

The OSD menu is user-friendly and easy to navigate via the joystick placed at the back of the monitor. There are four hotkeys, three of which you can use as shortcuts for certain OSD functions (picture mode, brightness, volume, overdrive, input source, etc.). There are three fully customizable picture profiles, as well as a few pre-calibrated picture presets. You can also limit the color output to the sRGB color space if you need accurate sRGB color reproduction for work. If you wish to use 10-bit color depth, you will be limited to 98Hz. Since most games are limited to 8-bit color anyway, and since there isn’t a big difference between 8-bit color and 10-bit color, we recommend going with 4K at 120Hz. Further, theresponse timespeed of 4ms (GtG – gray to gray) effectively eliminates all trailing left behind fast-moving objects for a fluid and smooth gaming experience.

Desktop Monitors

HP has expanded its commercial lineup with new Elite and Pro desktop PCs to meet the demands of multi-task workdays. Everyone from frontline heroes to home office workers need speed, flexible connectivity options and always-on reliability to handle demanding tasks, intense graphics and complex workflows with large files and applications.

We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face. These problems make HDR less relevant to monitors, which is why I don’t give it much weight in this list. Even monitors the best HDR monitors struggle because of inconsistent software support.


Great companies earn and hold their leading industry positions by adhering to high standards throughout their operations and reflecting them in high quality products and innovative business practices. That has been evident throughout the 70-year history of Daimler Trucks North America and was affirmed recently with the opening of the company’s new headquarters building in Portland, Oregon.

At a fraction of the cost of a new system, a memory upgrade is one of the most affordable ways to increase performance. Get more out of your desktop by giving it the resources it needs to perform. Pluma is a text editor which supports most standard editor features. It also extends this basic functionality with other features not usually found in simple text editors. Pluma is a graphical application which supports editing multiple text files in one window . Pluma fully supports international text through its use of the Unicode UTF-8 encoding in edited files.

Our recommendations are based on what we think are the best computer monitors currently available. They are adapted to be valid for most people, in each price range.

What I appreciate the most is the ability to monitor without snooping. This allows my children to maintain a sense of independence and privacy, while allowing me the opportunity to involve myself only when necessary to provide guidance. Our experienced support team is here to help you get the most out of our services. Bark saves you from manually monitoring your child’s activities, respecting your time and your child’s privacy by only surfacing potential concerns. Our service looks for activity that may indicate online predators, adult content, sexting, cyberbullying, drug use, suicidal thoughts, and more. Check out the current state of OLED monitors as well as everything you need to know about the OLED technology in this ultimate, updated guide.